8 Reasons Why Data Science is So Hot Right Now

When you search for “data scientist” on LinkedIn, there are more than 70,000 results. And the first page includes a who’s who of Silicon Valley startups. For anyone who’s kept an ear to the ground or an eye to the screen, it’s no surprise that they’re in high demand. Data scientists are hot right now –and here’s eight reasons why they’ll be keeping their cool for years to come.

1. Cash money.

From tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, data scientists are a hot commodity. A McKinsey study predicts that by 2017 the U.S. could face a shortage of almost 200,000 people with “deep analytical skills.” No surprise, then, that they boast an eye-popping average starting salary of around $120,000.

2. Live the C-suite life.

Data scientists use a combination of Hadoop, Spark, R, Panda, and other programming languages to solve business challenges. With unprecedented autonomy and respect, data scientists work across various departments gaining the confidence of C-level executives. According to Linda Burtch, managing director at executive recruiting firm Burtch Works, “Within 10 years, if you’re not a data geek, you can forget about being in the C-suite.”

3. Make a difference.

Data science is about more than a cushy salary and rubbing shoulders with tech elite. Many of the best bootcamps and fellowships work with government and non-profit groups on a variety of social projects. The University of Chicago’s Data Science for Social Good fellowship even pays fellows an $11,000 – $16,000 stipend.

4. Speak volumes.

A globalized economy means cultures mix in workplaces like never before. Understanding data science helps you speak an international language that contributes to the bottom line from day one.


5. Go macro.

People use microdata every day. It’s how your fitness app knows you’re sleep-deprived, or 8,000 steps short of your daily goal. When you know your baseline, you can move forward with confidence and direction. Imagine applying that rapid improvement to whatever industry you’re working in. That’s a day in the life of a data scientist.

6. You can finally be popular.

If you weren’t homecoming royalty in high school, it’s time to wipe away your tears. From Tesla to Twitter, the hottest tech companies are clamoring for data scientists. With unprecedented amounts of information from an increasingly connected generation, big data is more than a buzzword – and being able to understand and profit from that is crucial to the survival of any company.

7. Harvard thinks you’re sexy.

The 20th century gave us alluring job titles like astronaut, stockbroker, and professional gamer. But NASA is underfunded, financial crises have spooked investors, and gamers live with their parents.

There’s a new sheriff in town when it comes titillating titles. Harvard Business Review calls data scientist “the sexiest job of the 21st Century.” HBR explained just how rare it is to find applicants with the skills for data science:

“If ‘sexy’ means having rare qualities that are much in demand, data scientists are already there. They are difficult and expensive to hire and given the very competitive market for their services, difficult to retain. There simply aren’t a lot of people with their combination of scientific background and computational and analytical skills.”

8. Dominate at Domo.

Data scientists bring incredible value to any organization, and Domo is no exception. If you’re interested in learning more about a career in data science or how the field is changing business management, check out www.domo.com/careers.